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At James Evans Financial Services, we manage the affairs of a substantial number of international overseas clients who have similar needs to their UK counterparts. This includes property purchases in Europe and the U.S.

European Mortgages

If you a non-UK resident wishing to purchase a property in this country?

Our specialist team will be on hand to advise you through the process. A thorough understanding of the culture and customs of your chosen country will help you to avoid any awkward situations.

By actively working with your accountants and financial advisors we can help to ascertain the very best possible purchasing and repayment structure, whilst simultaneously removing the risk of voided transactions due to a cultural misunderstanding.

U.S. Mortgages

Our experience extends to U.S. real estate where we’ve successfully brokered a huge number of mortgages for properties within major cities. Solid grounding and close relationships with U.S. financial institutions and professional bodies ideally places us to advise you how to leverage and structure a purchase.

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