A Base In NYC & Firm’s European HQ

Chris Evans

New York City

European HQ for US Pharmaceutical Firm

A NASDAQ listed, US based Pharmaceutical Company had offered on a commercial property that would serve as their European headquarters, and had agreed to complete within a short timescale. Due to the international links of the company, they were unable to obtain standard UK financing.

  • We were able to obtain finance that was purely asset backed, creating a 12-month credit profile for the client. We were then able to refinance the debt to a more standard facility.
  • We secured a loan amount of £12,500,00 with a security value of £25,000,000.

New York Prime Apartment Purchase

An Eastern European resident was purchasing a base in New York plus staff accommodation in an iconic building in residential Manhattan. The combined purchase price was $23,000,000, but he had no US income and was not a US citizen. Purchasing via Delaware LLC, he needed to maximise the loan amount.

  • We secured a loan amount of $15,500,000.
  • The loan was a 7/1 interest only adjustable rate mortgage.

100% Funding for Berkshire Development

A UK developer client had found a good location for residential development in Berkshire. As his capital was tied up in other projects, he had no deposit available. He did have a strong track record, however, and a Special Purpose Vehicle was used to secure the deal.

  • We secured a loan amount of £4,500,000 with a security value of £4,500,000.
  • 100% funding meant the developer could continue to grow his business/assets.

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