One of Our Fastest Completions – Just 16 Days

Chris Evans

main residence

We are quickly approaching the end of 2018 and here at James Evans Financial Services we aren’t slowing down! We pride ourselves on saving our clients time and money, while simultaneously reducing stress and living up to our reputation of delivering an unchallenged quality of service.

Purchase of Unusual Property With Competitive 80% Interest-Only Funding Structure

A client with a high-value property portfolio was looking to purchase a new main residence. Their complex income structure made up of recurring but sporadic fees and retained business profits, meant low personal income figures. Our client sourced an unusual property with a unique architectural design, as well as housing a commercial building within the title. We were able to achieve an 80% interest-only funding structure at extremely competitive pricing.

Purchase of One of the Most Distinctive High-value Properties in North London

A non-resident, non-domiciled client was hoping to purchase one of the most distinctive high-value properties in North London. This client owned a main residence as well as investment properties that would ultimately be sold and the funds used to rapidly repay the mortgage debt. We were able to source a market leading interest-only rate at 85% LTV, which also allowed the client to make large multiple or single capital reductions in line with the sale of their current property.

One of Our Fastest Completions – Just 16 Days

Our client was nearing the end of the short-term finance on a property in Ireland, which he believed would sell much quicker. Instead of the client facing large penalties for exceeding the term, we suggested re-bridging the existing bridging loan. This allowed the client more time to sell his property at the market value. We negotiated much lower arrangement fees compared to the current lender’s penalty, and we were able to use the existing valuation, resulting in a very speedy completion of 16 days.

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