Announcing Two New Products

Chris Evans


James Evans Financial Services is proud to announce two new products to our high profile suite:

Tailored Finance for Specialist Cars & Equity Release

We can now offer specialist finance for cars in the following categories to private individuals and businesses:

Luxury & classic cars
Historic cars


  • Limits: £25,000 to £5 million per client (we can manage cases much larger, so speak to us if necessary)
  • Terms: 12 months to 60 months (bespoke, flexible terms available)
  • Vehicle Purchase: New or used cars Minimum deposit 10%
  • Refinance: Minimum car value £75,000
  • Capital Raising / Equity Release: Minimum car value £100,000
  • LTV available up to 75% (possibly 80%)
  • Rates: Purchase: From 3.29% flat rate (APR equivalent 6.5%)
  • Capital Raising: From circa 4.0% flat rate (APR equivalent 7.9%)

Lifetime Mortgages

Available in the UK, including Northern Ireland

A UK resident with main residence over the age of 55 qualifies for a lifetime mortgage. You can now take out a lifetime mortgage on a holiday home or buy to let portfolio. Any property valuation over £60k qualifies and all funds released are tax free.

Furthermore, there are no income requirements and no set payment schemes. A drawdown facility is available whereby you borrow the required loan amount then borrow extra funds as and when required without any further lending costs.

The loan-to-value ratio is calculated by age, property valuation & health and is not assessed on income. Loans can be repaid early at any time and the loans have a lifetime term if required. The lowest interest rates offered are currently circa 3.6% AER for a lifetime fixed interest rate. The interest rate increases with a higher LTV.

James Evans offers a bespoke service to all our clients and has many success stories, some of which have previously been featured in our blog. We look forward to adding Tailored Car Financing to our success stories.

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