Miami Beach Refinance & £10m+ London Purchase

Chris Evans


Sometimes individual circumstances can mean that a property purchase or refinance is a complex task. And that’s why our clients come to us. Over the years, we have helped people all over the world, in a range of unique financial circumstances, to achieve their goals. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the residential and commercial property market both in the UK and abroad, we always find the best deal for our clients, saving them time, money and stress – and enabling them to own the property of their dreams.

Refinance of a Miami Beach Penthouse

A UK resident and US Green Card holder wanted to refinance his Miami Beach penthouse. With an expired 60% LTV $3.8m mortgage, we negotiated a refinance with a new US-based lender on a 7-year fixed term interest only basis with no arrangement fees. The refinance was completed in 60 days using income from multiple currencies and sources.

Purchase of Unique £10m+ London Residential Property

Another of our recent clients is a US passport holder, who was looking to purchase a unique £10m+ London residential property, but whose extensive assets are currently tied up. We achieved an 85% LTV by cross charging assets. The deal included no early repayment charges and unlimited overpayments, which will enable our client to reduce their debt dramatically and when the cash from the assets becomes available.

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