Our Quickest Ever US Completion – $4 Million Purchase

Chris Evans


The weather may be cooling down but here at James Evans Financial Services we are still hot on getting the best deals and quickest turnarounds for our clients, along with helping our clients get the most out of their purchases.

Our Quickest Ever US Completion

We recently helped a client to purchase a $4m USD San Francisco mansion, which took only 30 days from application to completion! The client is a UK resident, who intends to live and work in the US permanently, but is currently without US citizenship, a Green Card or US Social Security Number.
We managed to secure an LTV of 70% against the purchase price and a further $1m USD (secured against USD cash) was agreed to help renovate the property. The property, which is personally held, is in the prime location of the Silicon Valley catchment belt.

5-Year Fixed Rate Interest-only Mortgage Secured at 1.94%

A successful couple in their late 60’s were looking to purchase a new main residence. They required an interest-only mortgage, as they will be paying off their mortgage with money from the sale of the other assets they own.
We managed to negotiate a 5-year fixed rate mortgage, secured at 1.94% over a 12-year term, for a £850,000 property.

Company Purchase at Same Rates Available to Individuals

A US Green Card holder of Irish domicile was looking to purchase a UK pied-à-terre in an Irish limited company for the purchase price of £1.8m. We achieved an interest-only facility, which was available up to 80% LTV at the same rates available to individuals.

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