Quick Turnarounds With Leading Market Rates

Chris Evans

Quick Turnarounds

It’s holiday season but there’s no slowing down for us here at James Evans Financial Services, as we continue to get the best deals possible and quick turnarounds for our clients.

Leading Market Rates for Start-to-Finish 3-Week Purchase

A client who earns large income amounts but on an ad hoc basis, required an 80% loan to value (LTV) interest-only mortgage. The bank agreed to lend to an alternative structure with the client giving a personal guarantee. Annual lump sum repayments would be made in order to reduce the debt, whilst keeping the client’s monthly expenditure to a minimum. We achieved market leading rates and 80% LTV for the client with an interest-only private bank loan in record time of 3 weeks turnaround for exchange.

Refinance of Cap Ferret Mansion – 10m Euro

We refinanced a client’s mansion in Cap Ferret, France by replacing the loan, reducing the margins and extending the term with a Monaco-based lender. The mortgage was secured solely on the French property and the refinance took only 9 weeks from application to completion.

Refinance of a Private Bank Mortgage – £5.3m

A client required a refinance of a Swiss-based private bank mortgage. There was a complex owning structure, multiple securities on one plot and multiple income streams. The current facilities had expired and the lender was unwilling to extend them. We replaced the mortgage with a loan, which took only 6 weeks from application to completion.

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