Refinancing for Investment & Renovation

Chris Evans

Renovation of a property

From purchasing a buy-to-let to renovating existing properties, we always make sure we get the best deal for our clients.

Refinance Deal Boosts Investment Portfolio

A US resident and citizen with minimal UK footprint owned a property in a prime central London location, on which there was no mortgage. The client wished to refinance to further invest in their share investment portfolio. As a director and shareholder of a number of global firms, the client was remunerated in multiple currencies.

We were able to obtain 65% LTV over a 5-year term at 2.25%. The relationship did not require any assets under management and the monies were transferred to the US to invest in the existing portfolio.

100% Capital Raised for Buy-to-Let Purchase

A client nearing state retirement age was a shareholder in a UK business, while also receiving income from an offshore annuity. He wanted to raise capital from a current home for a deposit on new purchase, and the current home would then be let out to tenants.

It was necessary to find an interest only mortgage for his new main residence where the term extended beyond state retirement age restrictions. We obtained facilities at 50% on each property, effectively funding 100% of the purchase price.

Income Generated via Property Renovation Funding

A client in late retirement has no source of income. He owns a portfolio of residential and commercial property that is not producing income and funds were required for legal fees and to enable the renovation of the properties.

We achieved a 5-year interest only term with interest being rolled up for the initial 2 years and no Early Repayment Charges. The client was able to pay the legal bills and benefit from not having to service the loan for 2 years. Renovating the buildings will increase overall value and, in turn, assist with bank appeal for restructuring in 2 years.

The renovated properties will ultimately generate rental income without the burden of having to service the debt at the outset.

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