Swift Purchases Ensure Opportunities Not Missed

Chris Evans

Beverly Hills - Rodeo Drive

Listed Building Opportunity Funded Swiftly

A developer client of ours in the South East found a Grade II listed building in a great location, with huge potential, and with a good potential return on investment.

The opportunity had no planning consent and the client had profit tied up in other developments, resulting in poor cash flow to service any potential loan.

James Evans arranged:
  • 73% LTV inclusive of 12 months payments
  • 12 month mortgage facility
  • Pre-approved 100% of development cost upon consent of planning

The facility was agreed and funded within 28 days.

Beverly Hills Property Purchased in 3½ weeks

A London client with a US Visa purchased a property in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, with a view to relocating to the US.

The purchase of the property at 5.5m USD took just 3½ weeks from formal offer to completion. Income was only made up of alimony & liquid investment returns, and the property was purchased via a Delaware LLC after consulting tax advisors.

James Evans arranged:

  • A 10 year fixed rate on an interest only basis
  • 70% LTV
  • No lender arrangement fees

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